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About Us

With an experience of more than one and half decade, it was felt that transport system, in the changing dynamics of the market, especially in travel & tourism industry is lagging behind. Even today it's a mystery for most of us, the way rates are calculated
A lot of work has been done in the field of cab hiring but for some reasons dedicated transport management system in tourism industry lagged behind.Experiencing problems personally we set out to get solutions to those problems. One of the major forex earner never had the edge of 21st century technology. It is this gap that we want to bridge
Even today, a lot of energy and working hours are wasted in locating the right vehicle for the customer at a right price. This job is not only time consuming but also very tedious as the clients have become more demanding and want various options before taking any final call. A transporter is expected to do the tedious calculations every time a new query pops up or if there is any modification in previous query. This creates a lot of problem. To get the inventory and actual rates in real time is of paramount importance at the same time a very big challenge too. Do not forget about the problem of follow-ups and high probability of human errors.
We sat down with a mission to get hold of TIME MANAGEMENT as customer behavior has changed over the years. Today the client is not ready to wait and the company, which is more efficient with its TIME MANAGEMENT gets the larger share of the pie.
With all our collaborated efforts in COMPREHENSIVE research and product development in not only one city or state or country but also throughout the world, we found that everywhere the problems were more or less the same. As a result, we came up with a unique solution in the form of CBR. A ONE STOP SOLUTION TO ALL THE TRAPORTATION REALTED BUISNESS.